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8 Ways to Improve Candidate Experience in Your Agency

8 Ways to Improve Candidate Experience in Your Agency

Recruitment can be a bit like dating. You have very little chance to pull a candidate in, and everyones on high alert to spot their ‘red flags’.

We asked our candidates what they find most frustrating about working with an agency or hiring manager when applying for jobs and the number one response was lack of communication. 

As recruiters, without candidates our job would cease to exist. That’s why building good relationships that last years to support people throughout their career journey is so important. We as agency owners need to make a conscious effort to listen and understand our candidates to discover what is frustrating to them, so we can provide the best possible candidate experience. That’s a career long commitment to process improvement, so to help you to help your candidates in the meantime, these are the first 8 things we recommend you do to improve the candidate experience in your agency.

1. Silence is Not Golden

Communication, or the lack thereof, is a make-or-break in the recruitment process. Keeping candidates informed at every stage not only builds trust but also enhances transparency, laying the groundwork for a strong relationship from the outset. Granted it’s time consuming, so consider automated reminders at each stage, so you can still offer personalised check-ins, but you’re held accountable by your tech.

2. Honesty is the Best Policy

Job ads that paint an inaccurate picture are a fast track to disappointment. Accuracy and honesty in job descriptions attract the right fit and set the stage for a lasting professional relationship. Authenticity in every interaction ensures candidates have a clear understanding of what to expect, making a great first impression, and helping you to improve candidate experience.

3. Feedback Fuels Growth

Neglecting to provide constructive feedback after interviews is a missed opportunity for growth on both ends. Feedback offers candidates insights on areas for improvement, supporting their professional growth, and reinforcing your agency’s role as a supportive partner in their career journey. This approach not only helps candidates refine their approach for future opportunities but also cements your reputation as a supportive partner in their career journey.

Did you know that reputation was the top voted reason a candidate will choose to work with a recruitment agency in 2024? Source: Bullhorn GRID report.

4. Embrace Diversity

The beauty of the workforce is in its diversity. Embracing diversity will only ever improve your candidate pool, bringing innovation and inclusivity to the workplace. Recognising the value of diverse perspectives and experiences is fundamental for forward-thinking and inclusive recruitment practices.

5. Time is of the Essence

A drawn-out recruitment process is an immediate turn off for 2024’s candidates. We’ve streamlined our procedures to ensure efficiency without sacrificing thoroughness, respecting both our time and that of our candidates.

6. Flexibility as a Foundation

Today’s candidates are looking for more than just a job, they’re seeking a role that fits seamlessly into their life. That’s why we champion flexibility, from remote work options to adaptable working hours. By highlighting flexibility in our roles wherever possible, we signal to candidates that we value their work-life balance and personal well-being as much as their professional contributions. This commitment to accommodating diverse lifestyles and outcome focused management is a strong pull for candidates wary of rigid, outdated work environments.

7. Transparency on Challenges

Every organisation has its hurdles. We’ve found that sharing these challenges during the interview process not only humanises us but also engages candidates who are eager to be part of the solution. This open dialogue creates a deeper connection from the outset and.

8. A Conversation, Not an Interrogation

The interview process at Revise is designed to be a two-way street. We encourage questions that reveal a candidate’s personality and aspirations, while also being open about our management style and team dynamics, finding mutual fit and vision for the future.

Improve candidate experience

Repositioning our services to improve candidate experience and avoid candidate turn-offs has been a learning curve, but one that has significantly shaped how we approach the recruitment journey. By understanding and addressing these areas, we’re not just avoiding the pitfalls, we’re ensuring candidates feel valued, understood, and excited to contribute. 

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