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The Power of People in Hiring

The Power of People in Hiring

Recruitment is an interesting game. It’s not just about picking someone with the right skills to do the job. It’s way deeper than that. What really matters, what makes the difference, is the people. It’s the connections, the relationships, the understanding, and the shared values that turn an applicant into an exceptional employee. People hire people, and genuine connections are the secret sauce of successful recruitment.

Personal Connections – More than Just a Nice to Have

Let’s start by breaking down the typical image of recruitment. You might picture a recruiter holed up in an office, scanning through stacks of resumes, and making calls. Sure, that’s part of it, but there’s so much more. It’s about the one-on-one conversations, the shared laughs, the mutual respect, and the moments of understanding. That’s where the magic happens.

At its core, recruitment is about people. Not numbers or stats or keyword matches, but real, living, breathing people. Every candidate has their unique story, their own hopes, dreams, and talents. Recognising and valuing that individuality – that’s what sets a great recruiter apart from the pack.

Supporting Candidates Every Step of the Way

The candidate journey is such an important part of the hiring journey. It’s not just a process or a pathway, it’s a human experience. It deserves respect, attention, and care. This means having real conversations, listening actively, and showing genuine empathy. It’s about treating candidates like people, not applications. Making them feel valued, heard, and respected.

The best recruitment experiences are personal, tailored to each candidate’s needs and goals. It’s not about pushing people through a machine-like process. It’s about fostering a positive, supportive environment where candidates can be themselves and find their perfect role.

The Power of People in Hiring

Here are some simple ways we maintain a positive candidate experience at Revise:

  • We always keep candidates updated throughout the process. Even if there’s no news, it’s better to say something rather than leave them in the dark.
  • Whether they were successful or not, we always provide constructive feedback. This helps improve them for future opportunities.
  • We’re always punctual for interviews and try to make the process as efficient as possible, respecting everyone’s time.
  • Where possible, we tailor the recruitment process to the individual candidate. This could be as simple as addressing them by their name in communications, or as detailed as adapting the interview style to suit their personality. We always try our best to meet everyone’s individual needs.
  • We’re clear about what the role involves and what you’re looking for in a candidate from day 1. This helps to manage expectations and build trust.

Remember, it’s the small touches that often make the biggest difference. Treat your candidates with the respect and care they deserve, and they’re more likely to have a positive experience, regardless of the outcome.

Being Real in Recruitment

The Power of People in Hiring

In a world filled with buzzwords and sales pitches, authenticity stands out. It’s about being real, honest, and transparent. In recruitment, this means having genuine conversations, showing respect, and building trust.

Authenticity is powerful. It creates strong, lasting relationships between recruiters, candidates, and companies. When a recruiter is authentic, they’re not just another business contact; they become a trusted advisor, a partner, a friend. That’s a game-changer in recruitment.

Looking Beyond the Resume

Resumes are a starting point, but they’re not the be-all and end-all. They can’t tell you about a candidate’s character, their values, or how they’ll fit into a team.

The real gold is found beyond the resume, in the person themselves. It’s in their stories, their attitudes, their aspirations. This is where the power of people shines in recruitment.

So, what should you look for beyond the resume? Here’s a list to get you started:

  1. Cultural Add: How will the candidate add to your company’s culture? Do they share the same values? Will they contribute positively to the team dynamic?
  2. Soft Skills: These are often more challenging to teach than technical skills. Look for communication, leadership, problem-solving, and adaptability.
  3. Attitude: A positive, can-do attitude makes a massive difference in a team’s dynamics and productivity. Does the candidate show a willingness to learn and adapt?
  4. Potential: Some candidates may lack experience but show great potential to learn and grow. Don’t dismiss these candidates outright.
  5. Alignment with Company Vision: Is the candidate excited about your company’s vision? If they are aligned with where your company is heading, they’re likely to stay longer and contribute more.
  6. Passion: Skills can be taught, but passion can’t. A passionate candidate will be driven to succeed, take initiative and truly care about their work.

So next time you’re looking at a pile of resumes, remember, it’s not just about the skills and experiences listed on the paper. It’s about the people behind them, their qualities, values, and potential that could be a perfect match for your team.

It’s a People’s World, Even in a Digital Age

No doubt, technology has changed the game in recruitment. It’s faster, more efficient, and has made it easier to connect with people worldwide. But it’s vital not to lose sight of the human element.

Despite all the tech advancements, recruitment is, and always will be, about people. It’s about understanding, empathy, and human connection. Tech can support this, but it will never replace it.

Harnessing the Power of Our Network

Our strength at Revise Recruitment lies in our extensive network within the Peak Body, Memberships, and Associations sector. We keep our fingers firmly on the pulse of the industry, staying ahead of the curve and keeping up to date on what’s unfolding even before it comes to light. By understanding your future growth plans, we can prepare ahead of time, and work proactively to turn your vision into a tangible reality. Our extensive and deeply rooted network serves as an invaluable resource in connecting the right people at the right time.

Revise’s Takeaway

The power of people in hiring is undeniable. It’s the personal connections that make the difference. People hire people, and the magic lies in making the right connections. That’s the art and heart of recruitment.

So, next time you’re hiring or job searching, remember it’s not just about ticking boxes or meeting requirements. It’s about people. Don’t lose sight of that! And, if you’re looking to work with an agency that understands that, then get in touch with Revise Recruitment today.

The Power of People in Hiring

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