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Attracting and Retaining Good People in the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations Sector

Attracting and Retaining Good People in the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations Sector

In the competitive Australian recruitment market, attracting and retaining good people within the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations sector can be a challenging task. However, with strategic recruitment processes and thoughtful employee engagement strategies, along with a compelling employee value proposition (EVP), it’s entirely possible to create a first class company culture that attracts the best employees and keeps employee turnover rates at bay. This guide provides recruitment process insights and practical steps to help your business attract and retain great employees, the Revise Way.

Understanding the Importance of Strategic Recruitment

When considering why people choose to work for an organisation, the hiring process plays an important role, not just in attracting potential candidates, but also in influencing the company’s employee retention rate success. It’s not about simply filling a vacancy – it’s about securing the right individuals who align with your company’s goals and can propel your organisation’s strategy and vision forward. Skilled, talented individuals not only strengthen the workforce, but also encourage innovation and contribute significantly to an organisation’s overall success.

When the right selection of people are all committed to the same mission, there’s a surge in team morale and job satisfaction. This in turn creates a clear path for career development, leading to decreased employee turnover and a strong company culture. As a result, businesses, particularly in the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations sector, realise that strategic recruitment is more than a necessity; it’s a long-term investment for advancement and competitiveness. By establishing such recruitment strategies, organisations can ensure they attract not only the best talent, but also maintain a healthy retention rate, contributing to their success in the long term.

Identifying Your Dream Candidate: What Should I Look for?

Identifying great people goes beyond evaluating an applicant’s qualifications and experience. It involves assessing potential cultural add, leadership qualities, and alignment with your organisation’s values. LinkedIn is a great way to look for professionals who demonstrate thought leadership, contribute to their network, and engage actively with their industry.

When scouting for your ideal candidates in the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations sector, consider the following:

  • Skill Set and Experience: Of course, the first step is to verify that the candidate possesses the necessary technical skills, knowledge, and experience to perform in the role effectively. Review their LinkedIn profile to gain insights into their past roles, achievements, and the kind of projects they have handled.
  • Potential for Growth: Look for signs of a continuous learning mindset. This can be indicated by their pursuit of additional qualifications, attendance at professional development events, or engagement with thought-leadership content.
  • Cultural Add: Analyse their communication style, values, and overall online persona to gauge if they would add value to your culture. This is completely subjective. You know your people best, and it’s your job to find someone who blends in well with the team.Attracting and Retaining Good People in the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations Sector
  • Leadership Qualities: Look for evidence of leadership roles, teamwork, and people management skills. Testimonials or recommendations on their LinkedIn profile can provide valuable insights into their leadership abilities.
  • Active Industry Engagement: Professionals who actively engage with industry content, participate in discussions, and contribute their ideas tend to be more updated on industry trends. This can be a really good indicator of their passion and commitment to their field.
  • Alignment with Your Organisation’s Values: Check if the candidate aligns with your organisation’s values and mission. You’ll find tell tale signs in their posts, articles, and comments on LinkedIn.
  • Transferable Skills: Despite the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations sector being relatively niche, many of the skills required to succeed in it are transferable. So, be sure to consider candidates with experience from other sectors where their skills would be transferable.

Remember, each business is unique, so it’s important to understand your specific needs and tailor your search for your dream candidate accordingly.

Strategies to Attract Great Employees in the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations Sector

Building a Strong Employer Brand: Your employer brand is your reputation as an employer – and it matters a lot to job seekers. Strengthen your employer brand by showcasing your organisational culture, values, and the unique benefits you offer across social media, your website and in your job adverts. Highlighting your commitment to employee growth and wellbeing makes your organisation far more attractive to potential employees.

Leveraging Professional Networks and Social Platforms: LinkedIn, being the world’s largest professional network, is a gold mine for finding your next team member. By posting job ads, providing educational content, engaging with industry conversations, and showcasing your organisation’s achievements, you can reach highly experienced candidates who are open to their next career move.

Partnering with a Specialist Recruitment Agency: Recruitment agencies, like Revise Recruitment, with a deep understanding of your sector can be a valuable asset. They can reach out to their vast networks of professionals, pre-screen candidates, and present you with highly experienced candidates for your vacant roles. This can save your organisation a lot of time and resources when recruiting.

Attracting and Retaining Good People in the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations Sector

Retaining Great Employees: Beyond Recruitment

Attracting good people is just half the battle. Retaining them requires ongoing effort, strategic planning, and commitment to employee satisfaction. Here are some effective strategies to boost retention in your organisation:

Invest in Employee Development: The best employees seek growth opportunities. Offering training programs, workshops, and continuous learning opportunities not only helps in their professional development but also shows your investment in their growth.

Employee Training

Foster an Inclusive Culture: An inclusive culture where everyone feels valued can significantly boost employee satisfaction and retention. Encourage diversity, facilitate open communication, and ensure your organisational culture promotes mutual respect and cooperation.

Provide Competitive Benefits and Rewards: While salaries in the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations sector might not always be highly competitive, offering other benefits can make a big difference. Consider offering flexible work options, health and wellness programs, or opportunities for professional growth. A rewarding recognition system can also contribute to retaining great employees, as it shows your appreciation for their hard work and achievements.

Harnessing the Power of Professional Associations for Retention

One significant factor that can help enhance employee retention and make your organisation more attractive is active involvement and affiliation with professional associations such as the Australasian Society of Association Executives (AuSAE), and Associations Forum (AF). Revise Recruitment is a proud member of APSCo and the RCSA. 

Particularly in the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations sector, professional associations inevitably play a crucial role in advocating for industry interests, providing networking opportunities, and contributing to ongoing professional development. By aligning your organisation with these key associations in our industry, you can provide your workforce access to valuable resources and support, which creates a sense of belonging and connection within the space, ultimately improving retention.

Australasian Society of Association Executives (AuSAE)

AuSAE is committed to serving association professionals and sector suppliers in Australia and New Zealand. With its diverse range of professional development opportunities, including workshops, online training, leadership programs, and conferences, AuSAE contributes to creating a culture of continuous learning within your organisation. By providing your employees access to these resources, you show your commitment to their growth, which can lead to greater job satisfaction and loyalty.

Associations Forum (AF)

Associations Forum provides guidance, resources, and networking opportunities for association professionals. As a member of AF, your organisation can benefit from a wealth of industry-specific knowledge, which can be shared with your employees to enhance their understanding of the industry and their role within it. AF also organises events and training sessions that provide excellent networking opportunities, exposing your workforce to fresh ideas and inspiring them with new ways of working.

Recruitment, Consulting & Services Association (RCSA)

RCSA World Employment Conference

RCSA, the leading industry and professional body for the recruitment and the human resources services sector in Australia and New Zealand, provides numerous benefits to its members. RCSA offers resources, training, events and legal support, which can be leveraged for your employees’ professional development. Its advocacy efforts ensure that your workforce’s voice is heard, enhancing their sense of being part of a larger community that is advocating for their interests.

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo)

APSCO is a leading professional body for the recruitment and staffing industry in Australia, along with the UK, Asia, and Germany. It provides members with access to a wide range of resources, networking events, and training programs. Being affiliated with APSCO demonstrates your commitment to excellence and adherence to industry best practices, which can enhance your organisation’s reputation and attract top talent.

By aligning your staff with a professional association, you not only provide an environment conducive to professional growth and development but also showcase your organisation’s commitment to excellence. This commitment, combined with the other strategies outlined above, will equip your organisation with a powerful approach to attracting and retaining great employees in the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations sector.

The Future of Workforce Within the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations Sector

The Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations sector, much like any other industry, is under the influence of evolving global trends. The future of work is shaping up to be more digital, flexible, and employee-centric. Embracing these changes can be key not just when recruiting, but also ensuring their long-term retention.

Embracing Remote and Flexible Work: There’s no question now around whether or not remote work is viable, and many top candidates now prefer roles with remote or flexible work options. This trend is expected to persist and even grow in the future. By offering flexibility, you can attract a wider pool of candidates, including those who value work-life balance, have family obligations, or are based in different geographical locations. Think of the outcome over the hours, equip your team to work anytime and anywhere, some people work best at night and some first thing in the morning. Your team will do their best work when they feel supported, comfortable, and at ease.

Remote Work

Prioritising Employee Wellbeing: Employee wellbeing is in sharp focus. Which is a great thing for everyone. Organisations that genuinely care for their employees’ physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing are more likely to attract and retain good people. Consider initiatives like mental health support, wellness programs, or stress management workshops to support your employees’ wellbeing.

Attracting and Retaining Good People in the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations Sector Across Australia with Revise Recruitment

Attracting and retaining highly experienced people in the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations sector requires a thorough understanding of the unique challenges and requirements faced. With strategic recruitment, strong employer branding, and a dedicated focus on employee satisfaction and growth, Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations organisations across Australia can build talented workforces ready to support their members and strategic outcomes.

Attracting and Retaining Good People in the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations Sector

Remember, recruitment is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each organisation, role, and candidate is unique, so be ready to revise and adapt your strategies as needed.

And of course, reach out if you need support from a partner who specialises in recruitment and retention for the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations sector.

Attracting and Retaining Good People in the Peak Bodies, Membership and Associations Sector

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