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A Conversation With our Founder – Louise Roper

A Conversation With our Founder – Louise Roper

Meet Louise Roper – the founder and driving force behind Revise Recruitment. With a huge network, a wealth of experience, and an unwavering dedication to authenticity and service, she’s here to change the game in recruitment. 

We sat down with Louise for a conversation with our founder to explore her journey, from the seed of inspiration that kick-started Revise, to the deeply ingrained personal values that shape the company’s every move. Let’s step into her shoes for a moment, and understand what it takes to revolutionise recruitment.

What inspired you to start Revise Recruitment and how does the company reflect your personal values?

“The inspiration for starting Revise was my desire to prioritise service delivery to both candidates and clients, with an emphasis on individuality. I wanted to leverage my network to connect businesses with the right people, and vice versa. Rather than just filling a job role, my aim was to be more proactive, to know what was happening in the space before it even occurs. This allows me to connect people more effectively and save bags of time in the recruitment process.

My vision for Revise is to be the go-to agency in the peak body, memberships and associations sector, both for those looking for opportunities and businesses seeking great candidates. A strong focus on service is my north star in this vision.

To be frank, I found myself bogged down with numerous internal meetings and emails in the past. These were pulling me away from what I truly love – recruitment. That’s why I wanted Revise to contribute positively to the recruitment sector as a whole. The term “revise” means to improve, and that is exactly what I want to do – improve recruitment’s name within not only our specific areas of focus but also the wider recruitment sector.

In terms of personal values, honesty and authenticity are top of my list. If there’s something I can’t do, I’ll be upfront about it. I wanted Revise to be real and authentic – that’s our number one value. I didn’t want us to be just a numbers-based agency; it’s not about just filling seats. It’s about genuinely connecting businesses and individuals who are right for each other.

I’m a huge advocate for the Association’s sector and after 7 years catering to it, I know it like the back of my hand. Which is why I’m passionate about promoting it as a career of choice, and I have a strong belief in my partnerships in the sector. I hope that this gives you a clearer picture of the inspiration behind Revise and how it reflects my personal values.”

You’ve got a lot on your plate with recruitment, being a business owner, and having active memberships in APSCo and the RCSA, not to mention the rest. How do you manage it all?

A conversation with our founder

“Honestly, I couldn’t do it all alone. I have a great team that supports me. We have experts taking care of marketing, and I have a bookkeeper and accountant for admin tasks. I’m careful to choose my battles in terms of what I want to handle myself so that I can always bring my best self to my candidates and clients. Because at the heart of it, I’m all about recruitment – connecting people with the right opportunities. The secret to juggling all this, I reckon, is being organised and being able to anticipate what’s coming. It’s a bit like project planning. If my service slips, then I’m not doing my job right. So, I’ve got to make sure that I have the right support in place so I can focus on what I do best – recruitment.”

You’ve been involved in sharing best practices in the industry through your training and mentoring, could you tell us more about this?

“I’ve learned a lot in my two decades in recruitment – some from successes, others from failures. And I figured, why not share this learning with other recruiters? It could help improve how we recruiters are seen, which is one of my main goals with Revise. So, for the past few years, I’ve been part of the RCSA Pearl mentoring program, where I mentor newbies in the industry.

And this year, I’ve started facilitating the RCC, the Recruitment Consulting Certificate. This is another way I work with the RCSA, sharing what I know and giving other recruiters the best chance. The RCC is about being a trusted advisor in the industry. It’s not just about filling roles – it’s about networking and being that trusted partner.”

After all this hard work, what do you do to unwind? How do you spend your downtime?

“I love spending my free time outdoors, especially by the beach. I make it a point to swim in the ocean at least three times a week and I always end my day with a beach walk. It’s my happy place.

Living in Perth, it’s a much slower pace compared to the Sydney rat race. I think this more laid-back lifestyle makes me a better person and helps me work better.”

What can businesses or job seekers expect when they work with Revise?

“With Revise, you can expect straight-up honesty, authenticity and communication. We’re all about understanding what you really need – whether it’s skills, experience, or understanding your values and culture. Our network is really well-established and we’re not afraid to challenge your thinking on what you might need. We take a good look at the bigger picture, and what you get is a genuine, honest experience.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career that you’d like to pass on to others in the industry?

“If I had to give just one piece of advice, it’d be this: You really need to be happy at work. We spend more time at work than we sometimes do with our loved ones, and it has a big effect on the rest of our lives. If you’re not happy with your job, don’t stay, even if you love the people and the culture. Change brings opportunity, and there are always other opportunities out there.

Watch how your quality of life improves when you’re truly happy at work.”


Louise’s insights into her professional journey, the inspirations behind Revise Recruitment, and her unique approach to our niche sector show a path that’s not just about filling positions, but about enhancing the entire recruitment space.

Louise’s commitment to authenticity, honesty, and service delivery is the bedrock of Revise’s operations. With her pragmatic approach to her multifaceted role and her passion for sharing her knowledge, Louise guides Revise with clear-eyed leadership. It’s not just about the right role or the perfect candidate – it’s about happiness at work, life balance, and the opportunity to ‘revise’ and improve the recruitment process, one connection at a time!

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